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After dusting off the old buckets and taps that were used by previous generations we found a true love for making maple syrup as our ancestors had.  We continue to keep the buckets and flat pans in our operation not only to show the heritage of maple but also as a reminder of our family’s maple sugaring days. 


We are currently using 35 acres of our farm for maple production.  We currently have about 1200 taps in the woods. Although the farm could support many more thousands of taps we continue to keep our sugaring operation small so we can continue our outreach and educational events to help folks remember the old time traditions of making syrup and to  promote the Virginia maple industry. 


We use as many resources from the farm as it will allow, such is the case with our sugar house.  The woolly adelgid an invasive species that effects hemlock trees, infested some of our forest so we harvested those trees, had them milled on the property and build our sugar house.  We then used the left over slabs to boil our sugar water into delicious maple syrup.  Our two flat pans and our evaporator are both wood fired so we always have a need for more firewood.   


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